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          • 產品規格:浮標清理涂裝生產線設備
          • 產品價格:面議
          • 查看人次:1743 次
          浮標清理涂裝生產線清理過程中由電氣控制的可調速輸送輥道將航道船送進清理機室體內拋射區,其周身各面受到來自不同坐標方位的強力密集彈丸打擊與磨擦,使之其上的氧化皮、銹層及其污物迅速脫落,航道船表面就獲得一定粗糙度的光潔表面,在清理室外兩邊進出口輥道裝卸工件。Clean-up process by the electrical control of the adjustable speed conveyor roller waterway boat feeding the body projectile area of the cleaning machine chamber, its whole body surface by the blow and friction from different coordinate orientation and intensive projectile, so that its oxide scale on,rust layer and its dirt off quickly, waterway ship surface on the smooth surface of a certain roughness, in both sides of the import and export of clean-up outdoor roller handling the workpiece